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Safety-Care for Families™

Helping Families To Be Safe

Since 2002, the Safety-Care™ curriculum has been used successfully to enhance safety and improve outcomes in a range of professional settings—from residential, treatment, educational, and healthcare settings. We’ve often had requests from family members and professionals to provide a training for families who support individuals who may exhibit dangerous behavior.

Now, QBS has developed Safety-Care for Families™, a training program that allows professionals to support family members and other stakeholders working with behaviorally challenging individuals in a home or home-like setting. This innovative course provides parents and others aged 18 and up with the skills and interventions needed to improve behavior and to prevent, minimize, and manage potentially dangerous incidents.

The Safety-Care for Families curriculum consists of four sessions. Essential skills are presented in a lecture format while advanced skills are trained in a small group for individualized instruction.  To participate in any session, a participant must have attended each of the earlier ones.

To qualify to become a Trainer in Safety-Care for Families, a Trainer must first be certified to train Safety-Care Behavioral Safety Training.  If interested, give us a call to schedule your Safety-Care for Families on-line training.