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How to Choose Who to Send to Trainer Training

Many times, customers and potential customers will ask us: Who within my staff should I send to the training?

We’ve found that the most successful participants have the following qualities:

  • Eager to become a Geri-Care or Safety-Care Trainer
  • Committed to a humane, person-centered approach
  • Has 2+ years experience in direct care or clinical work with the same or similar populations
  • Well-respected by their peers
  • Has time management skills
  • Able to present and teach comfortably and effectively to an audience
  • Fluent in the English language *
  • Able to learn, demonstrate, and explain physical skills of moderate complexity
  • Physically able to move from a standing position to one knee and back up, without assistance or support
  • Normal functioning and range of motion in arms, legs, hips, wrists, back, neck, etc *

* Safety-Care trainee materials are available in Spanish and English. We are working on a French version as well! If a trainer will be asked to train in Spanish, he or she should be fluent in both Spanish and English.

** A trainee who is not able to demonstrate all of the physical procedures in the curriculum due to physical issues may pass the overall course as a certified trainer with restrictions. Having restrictions means that the trainer is not certified to use or teach those specific procedures.

Please reach out to us with any questions!